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5 Reasons to Pick Up The Sport Performance Assessment App!

If you are an athlete -- or a coach/parent involved with kids who play sports -- be sure to check out The Sport Performance Assessment (SPA) available for the iphone, ipad, and ipod!  The SPA is the world's first professionally designed mental toughness assessment, and is designed to help athletes quickly and easily improve their mental toughness,…


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Press Release

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – SMARTER Team Training will welcome as many as 250 high school and college strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers, physical therapists, personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts for a two-day conference on Friday and Saturday, July 15 and 16 at the Gordon Institute for Sports Performance in Baltimore, Maryland.

The 5th Annual Strength and Conditioning/Athletic Development Conference, sponsored by Rogers Athletic, has been developed by Robert Taylor,… Continue

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How Many Mistakes in Sports are "Mental?" ALL OF THEM!

We all talk about "mental mistakes" when we see athletes come up short, but did you ever stop to think that the reality is ALL sport mistakes have a "mental" component to them?? 


Check out my latest blog on mental breakdowns, and how mental training skills can help athletes reach their FULL athletic potential:

Mental Mistakes blog



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Mobile App Helps Coaches and Parents Evaluate Concussions

The Concussion Recognition & Response app, now available through iTunes, is a new tool that helps coaches and parents recognize whether an individual is exhibiting/reporting the signs and symptoms of a suspected concussion. The app allows a coach or parent to respond quickly and appropriately to this potentially serious medical situation. In less than 5 minutes, the user can go through a checklist of possible signs/symptoms to determine whether to remove the child from play and the need…


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Help Kids Overcome Sports Fear & Phobias

Young athletes are often scared of injuries associated with sports, but did you know emotional fear is usually the bigger challenge kids…


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Two Final Events

Coaches & Parents,

We would like to announce our two last events for the summer. I attached a flyer of our last combine event on July 16th.


The other event is on July 9th at Guilford College. This is the unity football camp and the website is www.unityfootballcamp.com.


This is Coach Jimmy Lamour. I hope all is well & your summer is great thus far. I am writing to inform…


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Manchester United soccer shares training tips with STT



Just a quick reminder to register today for the clinic in New Jersey this Saturday, June 25. Forward this correspondence to your peers too. If you are an advocate of helping keep athletes healthy, safe, and performing at their highest level, then you need to forward this email and be at this clinic.


Register at http://www.smarterteamtraining.com/events/


Download the PDF with the…


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Coaching in Europe, you should try it.


I haven’t had much to write about regarding my team.  We have a three week break before our next game, and I decided to give the boys a week off.  We needed this time to get ourselves a mental recharge and obviously to heal some bumps and bruises we have incurred.  I definitely needed the break as I have a total staff of 3 guys (including myself) and have had a lot of the work fall on to my…


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Jason Terry is a GREAT Example for Young Athletes to Model!

Hey Coaches, if you are looking for a FANTASTIC role model athlete who plays with heart, then make sure the kids you coach are aware of Jason Terry, guard for the Dallas Mavericks.  I wrote a column today on Terry and his remarkable will to win and how he displayed great conviction in the Mavericks title…


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NEW Football Highlight Clip

Yes, a NEW Football combine highlight video clip has been added to the STT video library for you! Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the kids' effort. See it now at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YP8MR8zIiIc  While you are there, let your friends know about the clip by SHARING the video. Be sure to subscribe to STT on YouTube too.

I look forward to meeting you in New Jersey on June 25. For more info go to… Continue

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The Sports Doc Minute on NBC: MUSCLE MEMORY

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31 Things Sports Teams Can Share on Twitter

What do fans want to know? What would they love to know? When you educate and inform your fans you will have a fan base that is ready to take action to support you (hence start a Riot!), buy tickets, and support your team fundraisers. Pull back the curtain and let them see the inner-workings of your team. Give them a sense that they are a community of fans… Continue

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5th Annual Strength and Conditioning/Athletic Development Conference

5th Annual Strength and Conditioning/Athletic Development Conference

5th Annual Strength and Conditioning/Athletic Development Conference…

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The Real Implications of Sports Cheating

When athletes (and teams) don't play by the rules, the results impact everyone -- especially the athletes and teams who do play by the rules.  Unfortunately, we too often only focus on the people who got caught as opposed to the others who lost out on opportunities, championships, and in some cases…


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Football: The Zone Read - Reading The Second Level

I would like to share our latest spread offense newsletter, the topic is the read play out of a trips formation.


Go to: SpreadOffense.com Newsletter - June 2011


Keep spreadin 'em!





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Glenn Pendlay on How to Become a Great Coach – Plus 5 Things I’ve Learned


1.  Keep it Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S.).  It’s easy to get caught up with all the fancy-pantsy methods of training because those are fun, exciting, and new-age.  But, the fact is, most of what works turns out to be the same old stuff that has worked for years: heavy, hard lifting on basic…


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In Season Agility Rotational

Conditioning is about more than running and puking.

If you haven't found out already, we are a big fan of the Parisi Speed School stuff here at Full Throttle Athletics.  For that…


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Using Games to Develop Your Football Program

The more involved I talk to people about you camp development, the more I have realized that coaches greatly under appreciate the power of using games to teach real football concepts to their athletes.  For that reason, I have put together a few games for coaches and youth programs to use to teach football fundamentals and promote competition among…


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The Importance of Understanding Athletic Identity

While having a strong athletic identity may help with on-field success, it might also lead to eventual difficulties when kids eventually retire from sports and have difficulties re-establishing their new identities. 

Read the rest of my blog on…


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