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  • One of the toughest tasks for a coach is to develop an evaluation system to observe and evaluate the players on their team.  This week I offer tips on how to integrate a coaching rubric that includes both objective and subjective evaluations of your athletes -- you can read more here. www.dr...
  • Parenting in 2016 is difficult.  Coaching in 2016 is difficult.  Being a kid in 2016 is difficult. Making matters worse is an online environment in which parents attack the choices of coaches, go after coach's jobs, and generally make matters worse for coaches.  Do coaches deserve th...
  • Posted by Tone Lanzillo
    Mon at 12:12 PM
    For any coach who works with the traditional playbook, there is a tool that you can incorporate in your training and practices with the players on your team. The primary focus of the Mental Prep Playbook is to help your players become mentally prepared to play their best game through two different f...
  •   Athletes of all ages deal with a lot of stress, are you prepared to help them cope? This week I offer 4 foolproof tips to help -- read more here.
  • This week we witnessed the first team of American Big-4 sports display a uniform with an ad attached to it.  I don't like it, do you?  You can read the rest of my thoughts on this subject here.


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