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  • Oct 10 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day   Following are all things I try to teach my players through sports that help prepare them for the real world. How do you do these things? Talk and explain them often and make sure you model each of th...

  • Oct 09 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day According to one study of the 20 most influential words, the following are included. Seeing how you are in the influencing business; you should be using these.   Now – ah, no time like the present. &ldquo...

  • Oct 08 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day The best organizations in sports do one thing better than others and that is what you must do to be a success, too. The best organizations develop a culture of respect and class. They do that by not only thinking of t...

  • Oct 07 2019

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    The kids you coach often place a great deal of significance in their personal uniform number, and the connection they make with their sports identity through their number can result in advantages on the field -- learn more here.

  • Oct 07 2019

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    Sports coaching tip of the day   The win at all cost coach doesn’t belong in youth sports and is the source of so many unfortunate incidents. The key to avoiding that is for coaches to realize who they work for – the kids...

  • Oct 06 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day   As we all know, there is a physical side to sports and the mental side. Both are extremely important to peak performance. The better the athlete and their skills, the higher ceiling for success than ...

  • Oct 02 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day   How you handle this will make or break you as a youth coach.   Even at the young ages, parents and athletes often have preconceived thoughts as to what position they should play, and m...

  • Oct 01 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day   Extra effort is good, persistent effort is better   Many players give extra effort at times, but also coast at other times.   My favorite player, bar none, is the one wh...

  • Sep 30 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day   If I have heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times, “My son quit because the sport was too boring for him.” I’m sure they were right in that instance, but no sports are borin...

  • Oct 01 2019

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    It's understandable that you might think Mike Leach was addressing Bluto from Animal House when he called his players "fat, dumb, & entitled," but he was actually talking to his players.  Click here to read more about why insulting your play...

  • Sep 29 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day   The easiest thing in the world is to fall into the trap of always saying "You are awesome" and "you did great."   It can be a disservice to keep telling kids how wonderful they are. At...

  • Sep 26 2019

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    Your youth sports coaching pledge to copy and read before every team session:   I will do what seems best for the team after being receptive to the thoughts and ideas of others. I make the game as fun as possible while teaching playe...

  • Sep 26 2019

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    There are many inconsistencies and curiosities why some drugs/substances are OK, and others aren't -- click here to further examine the complexities that exist when it comes to sports and drugs.

  • Sep 25 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day   Without this, impulsive behavior results, which leads to hurt feelings and the negative stories that give sports a bad reputation.   It’s crucial to keep things in "perspective."...

  • Sep 24 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day   Looking back, I feel that playing sports prepared me for many of life’s situations. Some of the education came from playing actual games, but most of it came from dealing with people and from n...

  • Sep 23 2019

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    Sports coaching tips   Never make it about an athlete’s negative state of mind. First of all, it gives them an excuse for not playing well. But most of all, once it becomes psychological there is no going back and little an ath...

  • Sep 22 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day   A twist of words can mean everything – say things in ways that give hope and encourage work.   Which of these openings do you think kids will respond best to? “Gang, ...

  • Sep 19 2019

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    Often we think of pro athletes who struggle with sport retirement, but increasingly more kids are facing  the same challenges -- read more here.

  • Sep 19 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day   Demand that players learn   This is how it goes with one of my hitting students. I ask him a question. No matter how hard or easy the query is, his reply is always, “I don’...

  • Sep 18 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day   Here are some of the coaching issues you will probably encounter and must prepare for. Often there is not necessarily a right way and wrong way to deal with these, but the point is that you have thou...