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  • Dec 12 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day   5 Coaching Truths   I know coaches can’t do everything and be everything to everybody. They are volunteers and have a life outside coaching. However, they should still look for t...

  • Dec 11 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day Yes, times have changed! In the “If I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it a million times” category.  A parent throws a gripe out there about how the coach is running the team in front of other ...

  • Dec 09 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day It’s important to know that people give better effort when they suggest what to do. With that in mind, ask kids before practices what they think the team should work on, and not just what they want to work on. W...

  • Dec 08 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day   People did not notice this, except for one coach. A player on the team, after a win, went and congratulated the players who were not in the game at the end before approaching those in the game. ...

  • Dec 05 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day   Molding your team into just that.   A great way to start practice is with words of inspiration. Along the theme of yesterday’s blog post, short, sweet inspirational words to use ...

  • Dec 04 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day It’s not how much you say, it’s how effective you are getting the message across. Less is often more.  I wish I had a few bucks for every long-winded coaching speech I’ve heard in the past. I w...

  • Dec 03 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day 30 Years of personal research proves what i suspected all along. Coaches must recognize the facts before deciding on their coaching methods. Here is my experience: I have never known a parent that said their chil...

  • Dec 02 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day Most athletes have some of the below traits. Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to develop the ones they do not have. If you can, you have the perfect player, regardless of skill level. Eagerness to learn W...

  • Dec 02 2019

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    Can you make an otherwise passive kid super-intense?  Many parents and coaches have asked me this question over the years, and it's a question worth discussing -- here are my thoughts.

  • Dec 01 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day The craziness has no way of ending until someone takes charge.      Leagues and organizations must do more to create a better youth sports environment than we currently have. Unruly parents a...

  • Nov 25 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day Yes, it’s time to reflect and give thanks. Things youth coaches should be thankful for: 1. The opportunity to be around the game they grew up playing.2. The opportunity to influence kids’ careers and live...

  • Nov 24 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day   Don’t get intimidated by the title here, it’s about understanding athletic movements and solid coaching tactics.   I run into this situation constantly in my profession. A ...

  • Nov 21 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day   Coaches must know this, if they want to get the most out of their instruction.   Every additional player added to a teaching session makes it a little tougher to keep players’ at...

  • Nov 18 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day Maybe the greatest, Willie Mays, had one hit in his first seven games, over 30 at-bats. He turned out OK, but just think what would have happened if his coaches gave up on him? Patience is the key in every case, espe...

  • Nov 17 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day   Many parents expect so much and too much from their athlete. Two strategies you must use more than in the past. These tactics may ease their expectations and the pressure kids feel. Mind, you, I said...

  • Nov 14 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day   Coaches must be aware of a line from the movie Ocean’s Eleven that I changed for coaches, “You of all people should know, on your team, there’s always someone watching.” ...

  • Nov 13 2019

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    The Demoralizing Coach  When you make things about “You,” the coach, things will unravel quickly. Talks like this are an example: “Guys/Girls, you are embarrassing me. I cannot believe you can play this badly. You have to sta...

  • Nov 13 2019

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    Overcoming the Yips Maybe you are like me? Whenever I look for information about a mental game of sport’s situation, most articles leave me shaking my head with psychological problems myself. They are way over my head, with words and idea...

  • Nov 11 2019

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    Sports coaching tips of the day   Kids are more resilient than adults give them credit for. However, below is a list of the things that they cannot overcome - listed in order of biggest turnoff:   1. Boring practices &...

  • Nov 11 2019

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    Successful teams are rarely just a collection of great individual athletes, but instead built through many interpersonal qualities and relationships -- read about some of the key pieces here.