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Youth Sports Coaching Tips for These Crazy Times

 Youth Sports Coaching Tips of the day

Seeing how team practices are out of the question now, it’s still a good idea to stay in touch with players and use the time for team building. The following are some things to do that will help parents find stuff for their kids to do, and it will be helpful when the team can reunite. I’m sure you can come up with a few other ideas, also. Just like schoolteachers deal with, whether the kids follow up and do what you suggest may be out of your control.


  • Stay in touch with parents through text, email, or phone calls. It’s an excellent time to renew acquaintances or get to know people better.
  • Ask parents if they want to be the go-between for things you want players to do, or if you should go through players directly. Of course, the age of the player has a lot to do with that decision.
  • Give players at least a half-hour of drills they can easily do at home and add new ones every few days to break up the monotony.
  • Ask players to report back to you their progress and with any questions or trouble they may be having with the skills.
  • Create a competitive atmosphere among the team where you keep a tally of how much players practiced. You will have to trust their reporting.
  • Encourage players to get a hold of a different team every few days just to say “hi.”
  • Have a daily trivia question or a weekly trivia contest among team members.
  • Ask players to write a short essay on why and what they like about playing the sport.
  • Find applicable YouTube “How To” videos or star player actions for kids to observe.
  • Invite players to send you a short clip of their practice to analyze their technique.
  • Most of all, remind all that you so look forward to the day things get rolling again.
  • Finally, keep your head up and portray that atmosphere to all – teaching people to be resilient and roll with the punches is what sports are all about.