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Youth Sports Coaching Homework Assignment

Like everyone, youth sports coaches may be looking for things to do at home. Following is something to help and most of all help you be the best coach you can be. Of course, it’s something all coaches should do before they begin coaching, but for those that haven’t, give it a try. Remember, no one should expect you to be an expert, but you should be prepared and expect more of yourself.
• Write down the things they admired about coaches from their past. Think of ways to model those character traits.
* Think of a person or persons from their past in other fields whom they admired. Write down the character traits, mannerisms and words that were so efficient and memorable. Practice and then corporate all desirable characteristics into your coaching style.
* Think back on your playing days and recall the things you liked and disliked about training procedures. Make sure you have ways to use the better techniques and come up with ways to make the annoying things better.
* Read up on the current athlete’s point of view. This is key so coaches do not mimic techniques from their past that do not work now. Coaches must know ways of adjusting to today’s player personalities.
• Type in the name of an esteemed coach on the internet and read about them. Inspiring strategies come from the best and you will notice the top coaches have the same issues as youth sports coaches do.