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Youth Sports Coach Tip - Rewarding Kids

Youth sports coaching tips of the day
Knowing the right things to reward kids for is important, too. The following are a good start.
* Attendance. Players who show up all the time deserve acclaim.
* Teachable athletes. Recognize the kids who listen and are willing to try the things taught.
* Hustle. Players who move with enthusiasm in their step deserve credit.
* Helpfulness. Athletes deserve approval when they help set up before and clean up after games.
* Consideration. Players who root for teammates warrant appreciation. A special mention should go to those who cheer on their team even when not in the game at the time.
* Respectfulness. Athletes who show regard to all deserve tributes.
* Improvement. When players figure out something they’ve had a hard time getting, they earn praise.
* Character. Kids who are able to accept tough situations deserve mention.
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