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Youth Sports Coach Tip - Dealing with Losing

Youth sports coaching tips of the day
How you deal with losing is crucial. Try these
* After a tough game, say “Hang in there, we’ll figure it out.” We is a powerful word that will let the players know you are there to help and they do not have to figure out the lack of success on their own.
* Always point out little signs of improvement, even if it is not showing up in game results.
* Stay positive and try something helpful. Having the team keep to the fundamental can show results. Look up some new drills in books, videos, or online to give them some constructive things to work on.
* It is difficult to have much empathy for teams when they seem to not work hard. Be delicate about how you say things, but explain to the team that better results will come when they put greater preparation into it.
* Remind them good results follow greater dedication and that you are proud to coach them no matter the results.
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