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Youth Sports Coach Tip - Bring the Patience

Youth sports coaching tips of the day - If you can't bring the patience, don't coach kids. Make sure you:
1. Understand that just because a skill is easy for some or appears easy from the sidelines, does not mean it is easy for everyone.
2. Realize habits are hard to break and just because I tell an athlete what is wrong, that does not mean they can automatically change the habit.
3. Use two voices—a matter-of-fact voice when dispensing information and when players do not seem to be catching on, and an excited voice when they seem to be “getting it.”
4. Treat my own child the same as other team members—no more emotion than shown to the rest of the team.
5. Do best to recognize the difference between effort and results and between physical and mental mistakes. I will teach when mental mistakes are made and encourage when physical ones are made. I will praise effort and be understanding of results.