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Our latest technology in Neuro Performance is due out early 2018. This new tech will combine the power of Neuro Performance while connecting athletes with coaches or clients with practitioners. 

This new solution is called SOMA and it is ground breaking in its design. 

The new back-end provides tools allowing coaches and practitioners to monitor their athletes and clients, set certain drills and programs, and view data on each athlete or client.

SOMA allows more customisation of Neuro Performance drills. It gives more control and more detail allowing for greater variations and accuracy between individuals.

The SOMA back end option for coaches and practitioners will be priced at 49.99 USD subscription per month.

The SOMA application itself will be 19.99 USD subscription per month. 

Not confident in your knowledge of Neuro Performance yet? Keep updated on our courses running through the year. We will be running specific courses on how to get the most out of SOMA and how to correctly use it for maximum benefits.

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