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Grant Hayes

London 27th Jan - 1 Day Workshop

Intro to Neuro Performance - 1 Day Workshop

Neuro Performance is booming and the term or variations of it are being heard more and more often by those in the sports/fitness/rehab industries.

The concept and method however tends to be lost in translation and few have been able to grasp a true understanding and a developed skill in this area. 

Neuro Performance or Performance Neurology allows us to apply knowledge of the brain and nervous system into systematic testing protocols. This then provides a blueprint of that client and allows us to act according to their specific needs. 

The key to understanding Neuro Performance is that the brain and nervous system control EVERYTHING. Take the brain out and what do you have? Few have managed to harness this as a testing and training tool. Few have been able to understand training and rehabilitation in a brain based way. Knowing that every problem is a brain problem is the first fundamental to be understood in Performance Neurology.

With over 6 years hands on experience in this particular field and over 15 years in the industry, I discovered a few home truths,

 - learning in this field is a lengthy process that can take years and years

 - getting solid, practical experience is harder and takes even longer 

 - full understanding of the field is often not accomplished by professionals even after attending handfuls of courses

 - many courses offer a toolbox of techniques and information but do not give you any actual methods to use them

 - many professionals become attracted to performing neurological ‘tricks’ to persuade potential clients to work with them, which sets them up for failure later

 - many professionals have no idea where to start once they have the information they need, which tests to use and why, how, what happens if…. etc

After spending 2 years delivering courses ranging from beginners to more advanced levels, I have developed a course that cuts through to the essentials. What I have spent years learning through trial and error, has been consolidated into something that both

 - applies the knowledge and techniques of Performance Neuro

 - allows professionals to cut through to a simpler method of testing and then USING Performance Neuro with clients 

The Course 

 - Neuro Basics
 - Old brain vs new brain - what that means for high performance
 - What does the CNS need to function optimally
 - The 90/10 Brain Loop
 - Stacking inputs for sports performance 
 - Ascending + Descending Tracts
 - The PMRF and why it matters
 - The Midbrain
 - The Frontal Lobe
 - The Temporal Lobe
 - The Parietal Lobe
 - The Occiptal Lobe
 - The Cerebellum 
 - Basic Tests for each area of the brain
 - Integration examples + Flow charts
 - Sports Vision
 - Saccades
 - Pursuits
 - Depth Perception + Suppression
 - Peripheral Vision 
 - Gaze stabilisation 

Course Costs

The course will be held in a conference style manner. The course will be in a hotel equipped with the facilities required for a group of this number. You will be provided with catered snacks.

The exact location is to be decided once we can confirm numbers.

Course price is 750 CHF - Billing will be in Swiss Francs

Deposit of 250 CHF is to be paid to secure the booking. Invoices will be send via PayPal.


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Athletes sswitch has worked with -

 - Ironman World Champion
 - BMX / MTB World Champion
 - SUP World Champion
 - Muay Thai World Champion
 - ATP Professional Players
 - UFC Pro fighter
 - ISSF Shooters ranked in top 30 in world
 - Ferrari Pro Drivers
 - Porsche Pro Drivers
 - WRC Pro Driver
 - Bathurst V8 Driver
 - Blancpain GT3 Driver 
 - Nordic Skiiers
 - Olympic Athletes
 - Semi / Pro Football players
 - IPL cricketers
 - Professional Rugby players
 - Professional Football players -Premier League / Championship League